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Irish Ogham Strikes on the Day of Balance inscription illuminated minutes after sunrise
1984 Autumnal Equinox — Crack Cave — Comanche National Grassland — SE Colorado

May 2016 Science Advances magazine confirms 14,550 year-old Solutrean Points uncovered with butchered American mastodon remains at the Page-Ladson site, a Florida sink hole beneath the surface of the Aucilla River, approximately 30°N 84°W, south of Tallahassee. Hold-outs in academia and archaeology in pre-Clovis denial insist North America's first inhabitants came east through Alaska. Regressive mindsets are repudiated by these latest scientific finds establishing an ancient western European presence in America before Native Americans relocated from Siberia. Nonetheless, academics dig in their heels, pathetically thrashing in dogmatic quicksand.
What's it going to take for true reformation in archaeology clinging to its delusions?
The astronomy rock art evidence I've documented since 1984 — with expanded evidence filmed in recent years — is dated to the time of Christ, found in the heart of mid-America with ancient, translatable grooved writing, known throughout western Europe as Ogham. The USA variant (without vowels) may have been in use earlier in Rome, Libya and Turkey.

Scott Monahan
soon to enter an HD documentary for 2017 film fest competitions
Sacred EquinoX by TIME HOP FILMS, LLC
1 hour 8 minutes
expert interpretation of USA heliolithic alignments at seasonal cusp sunrises, solar noon and sunsets, some including Old World inscriptions

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